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Thai Stamp Shop - Beautiful Thailand Stamp for Sale. Siam Stamp Exchange Country - U UNITED KINGDOM Robert Davison

Collector Profile of Robert Davison

 Member no. 06011     Registered Date : 2021-03-03    Actived Date : 2021-03-12 23:37:52  
Name : Robert Davison
Address : 68 High St Flitton
United Kingdom
Country : UNITED KINGDOM Robert Davison is a collector from UNITED KINGDOM
Want : worldwide
Offer : worldwide
Remarks : I am a novice collector looking to exchange duplicates.
SC 00414 
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Message.1 : Hello Robert. This is Behrouz from Iran. I can offer you all the Iranian MNH stamps. Please check my profile if you were interested.
By : Behrouz   Date : 2021-07-14 19:29:17

Message.2 : Hello Robert I will send you an email regard a potential exchange. Thanks. Regards, Charlie
By : Charlie Gridley   Date : 2021-03-14 22:10:19

Message.3 : Hello Robert, I came across your email address on the Siam Stamp Exchange website. I am taking the liberty of writing to ask you whether you would be interested to enter into a stamp exchange relationship with me. I can supply you with Malta cancelled stamps on a 1:1 exchange basis and in lots of 50 or 100, at a time. Of course, my stamps are of good quality so I expect that the stamps I receive to be likewise. In return I would like you to supply me with the following: (i) 'EUROPA-CEPT' stamp issues (from all issuing countries); (ii) stamps from European small/micro states, such as: Vatican City, Andorra, San Marino, Cyprus, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Luxembourg, Monaco, Gibraltar, Jersey, Guernsey, Aland, Liechtenstein, Montenegro, Kosovo, etc., etc.; (iii) United Nations. Kindly let me know if you are interested. I eagerly wait to receive your reply. Regards, George Spiteri Paris
By : George Spiteri Paris   Date : 2021-03-13 02:37:05

Message.4 : hoña robert yo hago intercambio de sellos en usados de españa y mundiales sin actalogos ni nada si usted esta interesado solo tiene que decirmelo y probamos a ver que tal
By : juan manuel   Date : 2021-03-07 02:15:39

Message.5 : Hello robert I am from Algeria I am looking for stamps around the world we can exchange if you want
By : Hamidouche daoudi   Date : 2021-03-05 05:19:13

Message.6 : Hi, I am Algerian philatelist and would like to swap mint stamps against UK stamps in themes of Fauna, Flora and Sports. Please confirm your wish. Regards. Mahfoud.
By : AZOUG MAHFOUD   Date : 2021-03-04 23:50:55

Message.7 : Hello;I am French.I search Used stamps of UK.I have many used stamps of the world.My address mail Can you contact me?Thank you.Pierre
By : PIERRE LOIRE   Date : 2021-03-04 20:29:03

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