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Thai Stamp Shop - Beautiful Thailand Stamp for Sale. Siam Stamp Exchange Country - R RUSSIAN FEDERATION Vladimir

Collector Profile of Vladimir

 Member no. 04946     Registered Date : 2015-08-03    Actived Date : 2015-11-18 15:52:45  
Name : Vladimir
Address : Vladimir Komarov
P. O. Box 47
Country : RUSSIAN FEDERATION Vladimir is a collector from RUSSIAN FEDERATION
Want : 100 used stamps ww
Offer : 100 used stamps ww
Remarks : Looking for exchange with big lots
SC 01033 
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Message.1 : To all stamp collectors.I have a bad experience to exchange stamps with Vladimir Komarov.On Nov 20th,2015 I sent him first my 100 used stamps by snail mail.I ask him if he has received my stamps or not on March 15th,2016.He tells me that he has not received a stamp from me.It is very surprising that he has not received my stamps because on November 18th,2015,I had sent my stamps to Svetlana in Russia and on December 2015 Svetlana told me that she had received my stamps.From this experience I am very suspicious with Vladimir Komarov's reply to me that he has not received a stamp from me so far.Be careful this stamp collector has tendency to cheat other people's stamps.I send him 100 used common stamps and it is not valuable stamps and he is not honest to me.May be my stamps are very valuable to him so he dares to say that he has not received my stamps yet so he has an excuse not to send me his stamps.Remember Komarov,you agree to exchange stamps with me and I send you my stamps not to donate my stamps to you!!!
By : Alex Torbeni   Date : 2016-03-17 06:15:44

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