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Thai Stamp Shop - Beautiful Thailand Stamp for Sale. Siam Stamp Exchange Country - S SWEDEN SUPANEK ALEXANDER

Collector Profile of SUPANEK ALEXANDER

 Member no. 04590     Registered Date : 2014-01-02    Actived Date : 2014-01-02 01:12:45  
Address : Bäckbornasväg 43
S-168 60 Bromma
Country : SWEDEN SUPANEK ALEXANDER is a collector from SWEDEN
Want : Theiland, Singapur, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Indonesia.more
Offer : Sweden, Finland, Norge, Danmark, Greenland, Faroes, Island, Aland.
Remarks : Change used stamps,50-100 different your country in only good quality.
SC 01205 
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Message.1 : Goodmorning I like to swop stamps. I look for Finland ,Sweden,USA,Canada,Australia and New Zealand. I prefer used stamps and have want scans for what I looking for. I have a lot for offer Kind Regards, Gert
By : G.Koster   Date : 2020-06-07 16:20:58

Message.2 : Mr.Supanex, I have two times to swap stamps with you and all was successful.The first time I send you 100 stamps and the second time I send you 200 stamps and all was successful.Inspired by the successful experience to swap stamps with you so I decide to send another 150 stamps for the third time,however,this time you are successful to cheat me.You say that you have received my stamps and you will send me your stamps but there is no letter and the stamps coming to my mailbox from you more than 2 months.I have twice send you email to ask you that I have not received your stamps but you remain silent and you do not care at all.Then I am aware that you have cheated me.Why do you cheat me andyou lie and you do not keep your promise? Someone has emailed me and say that he has been cheated by you also.Whydo you cheat other people? It's only used stamps and it costs small money only.You have disgraced your self and your country in this stamp exchange web forum.Shame on you!
By : Alex Torbeni   Date : 2015-09-15 10:39:10

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