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World Stamp Collector List.

Member No.06601 06601 : Joseph Bugeja   Joseph Bugeja is a stamp collector from MALTA MALTA UPDATE: 2024-06-20 02:43:55
Want!  Worldwide VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  Maltese stamps especially from 1990 to 2015 See an Email

Member No.06600 06600 : Bryant Johnson   Bryant Johnson is a stamp collector from UNITED STATES UNITED STATES UPDATE: 2024-06-19 14:00:42
Want!  Buyers for the African Stamps I have VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  talking See an Email

Member No.01316 01316 : Drazen Kladar   Drazen Kladar is a stamp collector from BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA UPDATE: 2024-06-19 01:16:35
Want!  Mint insects, butterflies, bees, maps, police, birds, lighthouses, railways, minerals, fossils, sailing ships, elephants, Apollo 11, Kopernic, roses, grapes, FIFA football, basketball VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  Mint silver stamps, used Bosnia and Herzegovina 1876-1918, mint Bosnia and Herzegovina, mint Kigdom of Yugoslavia 1932-1941, WW mint thematic See an Email

Member No.06599 06599 : baha   Baha is a stamp collector from IRAN, ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN, ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF UPDATE: 2024-06-17 05:39:36
Want!  wwII deutch and before VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  1868-1988 iran stamps See an Email

Member No.03783 03783 : Robert Velardo   Robert Velardo is a stamp collector from UNITED STATES UNITED STATES UPDATE: 2024-06-16 05:51:55
Want!  Used world-wide stamps VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  Used wold-wide stamps . Some world-wide Mint stamps See an Email


Member No.06296 06296 : Teng Mun Kien   Teng Mun Kien is a stamp collector from MALAYSIA MALAYSIA UPDATE: 2024-06-15 15:09:28
Want!  Japan, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and South Korea stamps (used and mint) VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  1. [ Closed ] Malaysia stamps for exchange [ closed ], 2. and also can help you to buy Malaysia stamps and send to your country See an Email

Member No.06217 06217 : Hajo Neustadt   Hajo Neustadt is a stamp collector from GERMANY GERMANY UPDATE: 2024-06-14 23:20:39
Want!  Used stamps from Denmark, Finland, Iceland VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  used stamps of Germany See an Email

Member No.05765 05765 : J Prabakararaju   J  Prabakararaju is a stamp collector from INDIA INDIA UPDATE: 2024-06-14 12:34:28
Want!  Mint stamps of your country. VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  New mint issues of Vatican, Luxembourg, Czech republic, jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, bulgaria, poland, Russia. Mint Fdc\'s of Czech republic, jersey, Guernsey, Alderney See an Email

Member No.06395 06395 : Shaluka Jayawardene   Shaluka Jayawardene is a stamp collector from SRI LANKA SRI LANKA UPDATE: 2024-06-10 19:03:48
Want!  Used Stamps & Miniature sheets in mint condition VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  Used stamp from Sri Lanka and Miniature Sheet from Sri Lanka in mint condition. See an Email

Member No.00954 00954 : Dmytro   Dmytro is a stamp collector from UKRAINE UKRAINE UPDATE: 2024-06-09 02:17:56
Want!  MNH recent complete issues from worldwide VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  MNH Ukraine, Moldova, Poland; FDC, maxicards, CTO of Ukraine; MNH w/w 50th Ann. of Europa CEPT; China 2015/16/17/18, some 2021/2022 MNH, some other years; Guinea, S. Tome é Principe, G. Bissau, Mozambique MNH from 2000s; MNH Gibraltar 2011/14 See an Email

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