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World Stamp Collector List.

Member No.05559 05559 : Balasubramanian Sabharatnam   Balasubramanian Sabharatnam is a stamp collector from INDIA INDIA ADDED: 2019-09-04
Want!  Buddha Buddism Ships VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  Indian Stamps See an Email

Member No.05558 05558 : Gunjan Maithel   Gunjan Maithel is a stamp collector from INDIA INDIA ADDED: 2019-09-03
Want!  Worldwide stamps, preferably British Commonwealth VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  Worldwide stamps See an Email

Member No.05557 05557 : Mats Jensen   Mats Jensen is a stamp collector from SWEDEN SWEDEN ADDED: 2019-09-03
Want!  All colonies before 1950. Westeurope before 1950 VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  Scandinavia , Europe , Colonies See an Email

Member No.05556 05556 : Artur Rosiak   Artur Rosiak is a stamp collector from POLAND POLAND ADDED: 2019-09-01
Want!  All beer labels from Africa VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  Stamps from Poland and some English colonies See an Email

Member No.05555 05555 : Harald Ebel   Harald Ebel is a stamp collector from SWITZERLAND SWITZERLAND ADDED: 2019-08-31
Want!  Usa, Japan, brasil, Denmark, and other worldwide VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  Germany, USA, Switzerland, france, and lots of others See an Email


Member No.05554 05554 : Marjorie Adams   Marjorie Adams is a stamp collector from UNITED STATES UNITED STATES ADDED: 2019-08-29
Want!  Worldwide postage stamps VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  Exchange stamps for other items of related interest See an Email

Member No.05553 05553 : Karim Salman   Karim Salman is a stamp collector from SWEDEN SWEDEN ADDED: 2019-08-29
Want!  coins VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  stamps and coins See an Email

Member No.05552 05552 : Fiedler Frantisek   Fiedler Frantisek is a stamp collector from CZECH REPUBLIC CZECH REPUBLIC ADDED: 2019-08-28
Want!  w/w used and mint VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  w/w used and mint See an Email

Member No.05551 05551 : Michael Romero   Michael Romero is a stamp collector from PHILIPPINES PHILIPPINES ADDED: 2019-08-27
Want!  Buyers of US commemorative stamps VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  Selling US commemorative stamps from 1897 to 1991 (94 years span) plus other unique US stamps See an Email

Member No.05550 05550 : chatrapati Dhoolee   Chatrapati Dhoolee is a stamp collector from MAURITIUS MAURITIUS ADDED: 2019-08-27
Want!  sell stamp VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  First day cover dated 1954 See an Email

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