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Thai Stamp Shop - Beautiful Thailand Stamp for Sale. Siam Stamp Exchange Country - B BULGARIA Grigor Kutev

Collector Profile of Grigor Kutev

 Member no. 05498     Registered Date : 2019-07-12    Actived Date : 2021-12-17 23:44:06  
Name : Grigor Kutev
Address : BL.NJAGOL - A/4
Country : BULGARIA Grigor Kutev is a collector from BULGARIA
Want : Used commemorative and thematics stamps of periode 1995-2019 year from Helvetia, Austria and Scandinavian countries.
Offer : Used commemorative and thematics stamps, some in full sets of periode 1995-2019 year from Japan
Remarks : Alls used stamps who I can to send you are in very good
quality and good cancels. Please also for used stamps in very good quality and good cancels.Basis:100:100.....or 300:300.
SC 01518 
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Message.1 : Grigor- thank you for your mail- sorry I seek only "europas Cept" used , other topics mint only- if you have europas ok
By : bernard marischal   Date : 2022-01-07 06:50:57

Message.2 : Hello, Is there any feedback dear Grigor ?
By : AZOUG MAHFOUD   Date : 2021-12-21 23:56:34

Message.3 : dear friend sorry for miss understanding ad , I only interesting for Mint China , HongKong China, Macau China, Tai wan stamp. Offer Mint US UN, Canada stamp .
By : BaoGui Zhang   Date : 2021-11-12 23:38:34

Message.4 : Hello, I exchange the prices at
By : Sergey   Date : 2021-10-10 15:57:17

Message.5 : I use catalogue StampWorld on-line in $...for only MNH stamps..You write only on - here I'm little..Vaclav.
By : Václav PÍCKA   Date : 2021-08-06 23:02:49

Message.6 : Hi Grigor , It is OK. You send first. regards Dumitru
By : Duta Dumitru   Date : 2021-07-19 22:11:29

Message.7 : Hello Gregor, thanks for your message. As to your question, it depends on what you are offering. Regards, D.
By : Dmitriy   Date : 2021-04-10 16:39:44

Message.8 : I have send you an email. Regards Robert
By : Robert de Vries   Date : 2021-03-08 22:42:03

Message.9 : Hi, Grigor. I'm interested in exchange. At the moment I'm on field work and should be back on Saturday. On Sunday I will send you my wishlist of japanese stamps. If that is OK. Do you have any wishes for Croatian stamps? All the best, Marko
By : Marko   Date : 2021-02-04 20:26:27

Message.10 : Hi Grigor, I am using Michel and do not do new issues. Regards, Yevgeniy
By : Yevgeniy Konovalov   Date : 2021-02-03 21:26:56

Message.11 : Hello, I use Michel catalogue. Regards, Sorin C
By : S.M. Cosoveanu   Date : 2020-11-15 16:54:19

Message.12 : I´ll tell you when I receive your letter. best regards, Mário
By : Mário Bruges Ramos   Date : 2020-10-25 23:19:58

Message.13 : I sent you a registered letter. regards, Mário
By : Mário Bruges Ramos   Date : 2020-10-21 16:05:02

Message.14 : Dear friend, after to receive your letter I send you a new wantlist, because I receive from other person some sets. Regards Mário
By : Mário Bruges Ramos   Date : 2020-09-14 04:29:44

Message.15 : Hi Grigor, sorry for answering sooooo late. I just collect used Bulgarian stamps. I can offer used German stamps and from other Europian countries. Best wishes Carl
By : Pfau, Carl   Date : 2020-09-07 20:05:47

Message.16 : yes ,i have some cccp mint stamps .can swap ,i want FDC
By : xue-jian PAN   Date : 2020-08-30 16:53:19

Message.17 : how can I help you. What do you want from Turkey?
By : Yusuf özden   Date : 2020-04-12 23:30:20

Message.18 : Hi, I'm looking for used one.
By : S M Elias   Date : 2020-04-08 00:09:37

Message.19 :
By : Nenad Miloradovic   Date : 2020-02-03 23:25:39

Message.20 : Hello, I don't have foreign stamp catalog, only Internet world stamp catalogue(, dez from China. my email:
By : tao qi liang   Date : 2020-01-16 09:47:01

Message.21 : Hi, As I do not have catalog for Bulgarian stamps, would it possible to swap according to StampWorld website ? Sincerely. Mahfoud.
By : AZOUG MAHFOUD   Date : 2020-01-07 02:20:50

Message.22 : Hi.for Exchange plz inform me. Thanks. +98 09214692171 Whatsapp.
By : Esmaeil Nouri   Date : 2019-11-25 01:32:43

Message.23 : Hi. I looking for some stamp sheets for swap if interesting for you and more details plz let me know by whatsapp. +98 09104517645 Amir gharebaghi Thanks.
By : Amir gharebaghi   Date : 2019-07-15 13:37:17

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