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World Stamp Collector List.

Member No.00047 00047 : M.Tariq   M.Tariq is a stamp collector from PAKISTAN PAKISTAN ADDED: 2005-11-12
Want!  need mint sets and S/S 100% honesty dealing. VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  I offer mint complete sets all over the world for exchange trade See an Email

Member No.00046 00046 : Tsolmon   Tsolmon is a stamp collector from MONGOLIA MONGOLIA ADDED: 2005-11-11
Offer  Bye See an Email

Member No.00045 00045 : saravanan   Saravanan is a stamp collector from INDIA INDIA ADDED: 2005-11-09
Offer  STAMPS See an Email

Member No.00044 00044 : CHOI PANG FEI   CHOI PANG FEI is a stamp collector from HONG KONG HONG KONG ADDED: 2005-10-15
Want!  Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau stamp / sheet / sheetlet / MC VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau stamp / sheet / sheetlet / MC See an Email

Member No.00043 00043 : Mr.Panitan Kantamas   Mr.Panitan  Kantamas is a stamp collector from THAILAND THAILAND ADDED: 2005-10-15
Want!  Siam Thailand Used, MH, MNH , VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  Siam Thailand Used, MH, MNH , Worldwide See an Email


Member No.00042 00042 : Ori D   Ori D is a stamp collector from ISRAEL ISRAEL ADDED: 2005-10-13
Want!  WW modern used esp. from African countries VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  WW used & mint esp. Israel See an Email

Member No.00041 00041 : Wahid Zia   Wahid Zia is a stamp collector from PAKISTAN PAKISTAN ADDED: 2005-10-11
Want!  Juint Issue with Pakistan, Pakistani flag on world stamos, Fossils, Butterflt, Love, Mother Day, Quaid-e-Azam(founder of Pakistan) & Fish. VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  W/W thematic and all stamps of Pakistan See an Email

Member No.00040 00040 : Phil Beacham   Phil Beacham is a stamp collector from AUSTRALIA AUSTRALIA ADDED: 2005-10-01
Want!  used World Wide especially Switzerland, Austria, New Zealand, Germany VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  World Wide especially australian See an Email

Member No.00039 00039 : Janusz   Janusz is a stamp collector from POLAND POLAND ADDED: 2005-09-21
Want!  Mint complete issues: fauna, flora, ships, minerals, trains, mushrooms, fire brigade, Pope JP II. VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  FDC and Maximum Cards to WWF issues. MNH thematic issues of :Poland, Russia, Belarus, Ukraina, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, North Korea, Mongolia, China(cultural revolution period only used);Europa-CEPT issues, Germany +Berlin, football. See an Email

Member No.00038 00038 : Charles Azzopardi   Charles Azzopardi is a stamp collector from MALTA MALTA ADDED: 2005-09-20
Want!  Worldwide stamps VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  Malta, G.B. USA, Germany and others See an Email

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